Between our Friday Marsden|Gustafson Gallery opening, Saturday evening Gala, and Sunday afternoon Open House, nearly 1,000 visitors passed through the new IFP Minnesota Media Center’s doors August 21-23!

We were nothing less than thrilled by our turnout and the enthusiastic response to our new space, as well as our Ann Marsden/Gus Gustafson photo exhibit (running through year-end)! We give special thanks to our primary event sponsor Stephanie Dillon and Sidewalk Films.

We’d also like to thank our beverage providers: Lake Monster Brewing, The Third Bird, Alexis Bailly Vineyard, 45th Parallel Distillery, and Red Bull.

Gallery Web a1 Gallery_Web 2 Gala_Web1 Gala_Web3And many thanks to all who attended our weekend events! You helped make our new center feel like home and proved to us that this is an exciting new space for classes, events, exhibitions and more! We saw many old friends, made new ones, and were moved by the inspirational stories you shared with us. They serve as a good reminder of why we are so dedicated to serving the independent filmmaking and media arts community.