Seventeen recent short works by Minnesota filmmakers have been chosen for a new season of MNTV.

An important showcase that has been funded by the Jerome Foundation for more than two decades, MNTV has evolved into an annual three-part series produced in collaboration with Independent Filmmaker Project Minnesota (IFP MN), Twin Cities PBS and Walker Art Center Film and Video Department. The new MNTV season will be broadcast state-wide and streamed online by TPT in the Spring of 2016 and installed in the Best Buy Film/Video Bay at the Walker Art Center.

Past MNTV programs can be viewed on Twin Cities PBS.

Program 1

Beth Peloff, Moving Up
After the death of her husband, an elderly women tries to come to terms with her new life.

Ann Prim, Notes From There
Two lovers and dance collaborators are torn apart by an immigration arrest.

Marie Ketring, The Waves in Isle, Minnesota
A Minnesota fisherman recounts his time as a medic in the military.

Mark Brown, Sharkey
A documentary on Minnesota professional wrestling legend Ed Sharkey.

Ani Djaferian, We’re Still Here
Covering a Holocaust survivors’ return to Germany on the 70th Anniversary of his liberation.

John Akre, A Place Called Hospice
We took our mother to meet her death in a place called hospice. This is what it felt like.

Alexander Kohnstamm, Good Birthday
A son goes to his estranged mother’s birthday party to find that she has a surprise for him.

Program 2

Michael Forstein, Meat
Desperate for work, Darren agrees to a one day trial as a door to door meat salesman.

Ted Hall, The Negative
Trevor, a lonely photo-assistant, is busy scanning old 4×5 negatives on a rainy evening. A knock at the door. Though they had been holding a casting call, the hour and weather made it unlikely that anybody would show. Then Eve arrived.

Christopher Lange, Oracle
A young woman is haunted by dreams of a lover’s death and starts to believe that her visions are brought by owls to reveal the future.

Program 3

Kevin Horn, Michelle Blades – Chapter XIII
Two rival skate gangs battle for supremacy in a jousting duel.

Nick Clausen, I Am Gone
“I Am Gone” is an adaptation of a poem that follows one man’s journey through life.

Tom Schroeder, Isola del Giglio
Sunday morning on the long curve of Campese, Isola del Giglio. Impressions of the Italian island.

Nicole Brending, Dream of Werner Herzog
Shot on location in Lowertown, Saint Paul, a woman desperately tries to find Werner Herzog.

Meg Brown, Raising Owen: A Genderqueer Love Story
Raising Owen
is a documentary about one mother’s love and acceptance of their genderqueer child.

Doug Beasley, Threshold
is a dance/art film collaboration between choreographer Rosy Simas and photographer Douglas Beasley. Threshold explores bringing the invisible world into the visible through intersecting of movement and natural landscape.

Alexander Kohnstamm, Eighty-sixed
A waitress at a mob run bar discovers a secret of the boss, and has to fight to protect her own.