Life is not fair, it never was. But it’s as beautiful as ever.
The crazy love story of Aaron and Nora Purmort, a young couple who chose to embrace life boldly in the face of terminal brain cancer.

Lead Artist: Anders Holine

aandnThis film chronicles the lives of Nora and Aaron Purmort and their son Ralph as they face down a stage 4 brain cancer diagnosis. Except this isn’t a cancer story, it’s a love story.

Sharing a hospital bed in October of 2011, after a surprise seizure at work and the brain cancer diagnosis that shortly followed, Aaron and Nora decided to get married. Weeks later they were exchanging vows in a local art gallery, streaming their service online for their friends across the country to watch.

10712611_1516266568624389_1225215602594172999_oTwo and a half years have passed, multiple chemo and radiation rounds, and against amazing odds, they had a baby boy. Throughout their journey, Nora has shared their story on her blog, It’s evident quickly that this isn’t your average cancer story. With grit, irreverence, humor and poignancy Nora and Aaron express the ache and beauty of living and loving in the face of mortality.

Aaron passed away in late November of 2014, 9 months into filming. This event closed a chapter, and a new one has begun as Nora pushes ahead into life as a single Mom, propelled by the legacy Aaron left behind.