A Prince embarks on a rescue mission, with the help of two old friends, a mysterious ranger, and a young professor, to save his wife who has been kidnapped by a dangerous and unstable man; and he must do it all before war arrives on his doorstep.


Family is important to us whether it is the one you are born into or the one you find. 

We are a group of independent storytellers, and however we tell our stories, we endeavor to create a sense of community. Our mission as artists is to create spaces for people, artists, and audiences alike to come together and share a sense of unity through the art of storytelling. We want to be a beacon in the darkness that provides warmth and welcome. Film is the perfect platform to create that type of atmosphere both for our audience and for our team. When you support us, whether as a donor or as a member of the cast/crew–you are a part of the Hidden Falls family.

Minnesota Made:
We create a brand new story that touches your heart in a familiar way. We will be shooting among the beautiful forests and waters of Minnesota in order to capture the gentle landscapes natural to Lorn that make it feel like home. Vast lakes and rivers, unpredictable forests, small quaint villages of everyday people, and even regal castles filled with royalty and nobility. 

Our Mission:
We are committed to telling a story about complex characters, the struggle of reconciliation, and the bond of friendship. Our characters reflect the humans we know and love in real life: strong, complicated, and flawed women who aren’t afraid to be themselves; sensitive, powerful, and broken men who cry when they ache and defend what they love. We desire diversity in our storytelling and cast our actors in a way that suits the diverse world we have created.

We want the tales of our heroes to inspire strength, grace, and motivation in our donors, viewers, and creative team.