It’s no secret that a lot of people are hurting right now. And while there are several emergency relief funds established, we know that Minnesota’s film community is falling through the cracks. To gauge the effects on our local film community, we just completed a survey and the results are startling:

73% of respondents are unemployed 
64% of this group have not received unemployment assistance
85% of this group have not received any other financial assistance (PPP, EIDL, Artist Relief funds, etc.)
48% of respondents cannot pay all bills due May 1st, 

With an important initial gift from Bill & Michelle Pohlad, funds from FilmNorth and its Board of Directors, and donations from leaders in our community, FilmNorth has launched the Minnesota Film Community Emergency Relief Fund to support our filmmaking community as they struggle with the devastating impact of the COVID-19 crisis.

This fund will provide $500 grants to filmmakers and film crew in need until funds are exhausted. 


If you are a filmmaker or a film crew member in need, you can access the Fund Application here.



Fund Guidelines

The Minnesota Film Community Emergency Relief Fund supplies money to support filmmakers and film crew in Minnesota impacted by the Coronavirus/COVID-19 pandemic. Funding is limited to Minnesota residents and based on the availability of funding.

All filmmakers and film crew in Minnesota are welcome to apply. As we process existing applications, we will continue to work to address needs from those most affected by ongoing, systemic inequities. This means we will prioritize:

-Applications from artists who identify as Black, Indigenous, Native and/or People of Color
-Applications from artists who live in rural communities
-Applications from artists in the disability community, including immunocompromised artists
-Applications from artists who identify as LGBTQIA+

If you have applied, please know that we are working to get to your application, and working to get it funded.

Funding: Payments to individuals are $500. Applications are reviewed on an ongoing basis, and are subject to approval and available funds. The Minnesota Film Community Emergency Relief Fund will run as long as there is available funding.

Given FilmNorth capabilities, all payments will be via check. If approved, grantees will be asked to fill out a W9. The address on the W9 will be used for mailing the check.

Payments are a disaster payment, and should not affect ability to claim Unemployment Insurance or other benefits. It is FilmNorth’s current policy not to issue 1099s for cumulative amounts under $600. Artists may need to claim the contribution as income; please consult with a tax expert for specific questions.

If you would like help determining your own eligibility or have other questions, please email before applying.



Minnesota Film Community Emergency Relief Fund Donors:

Bill & Michelle Pohlad
Ray Christiansen Foundation
FilmNorth & the FilmNorth Board of Directors
City Lights Media
MSP Film Society / MSP International Film Festival
Melodie Bahan
Mark Bennett
Joshua Carlon
Tim Grady & Catherine Allan
Peter Groynom
Warren Harmon
Julia Koehnen
Matthew Kudej
Barry Maloney
Matt Osterman
Nancy Paul
Andrew Peterson & David Sunderland
J. William Ruyle
Laura Salveson
Logan Schuneman
Marcie Stein
Brennan Vance
Christine & Bryan Walker
Maya Washington
Joanna Winship
Add your name to this list by donating here.