FilmNorth’s Youth Media Programs work with youth from the Twin Cities area, both in and out of schools. The mission is to teach filmmaking as a means of engaging kids in their education—developing artistic, critical thinking, and career skills while examining issues in their own environments.

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Studio Thirteen is an intensive lab for talented creative youths who are interested in honing their filmmaking skills. Created for young artists who wish to further their media arts education in a collaborative environment, participants will work in small teams to create an impactful short film over the course of thirteen weeks while learning the ins-and-outs of filmmaking. Offering one of the few training grounds for student filmmakers, this program provides students grades 9-12 the opportunity to gain hands-on vocational experience while receiving guidance and support every step of the way. More info and application here.

FilmNorth supports 6- to 12-week in-school residencies in Minneapolis and St. Paul Public Schools. Residencies cater to the needs and interests of partnering schools and classroom teachers. Like all FilmNorth youth programs, the residencies are project-based and student-directed. Examples range from collaborative short documentaries profiling school events or activities in the community to a series of short films, such as video poems focused on social justice. Many past residencies have resulted in award-winning films.

Weeklong film and photography Youth Summer Camps for kids 10-18, plus our 3-week FilmNorth Academy for ages 17-24, are offered June through August. Summer camps include an introduction to video production, workshops on screenwriting, animation camps, digital photography and more! 

FilmNorth is committed to creating and supporting an artistic community in which all individuals are treated with respect and dignity. The FilmNorth community includes people who engage with our programs whether as students, fellows, panelists, contractors, collaborators, or as staff of Board of FilmNorth.

As a community, we commit to creating and maintaining relationships that are free of harm, prejudice, and harassment. Community members agree to communicate directly and transparently regarding issues of conduct that could negatively impact the well-being of participating members and organizations.

In the case of an accusation, a legal action, or a conviction, FilmNorth staff and Board may gather and assess relevant information. If deemed necessary, FilmNorth may take administrative action up to and including the recommendation of participation in reconciliation or restorative justice processes; the termination of a registration or contract; and the recall and/or termination of a fellowship.

This community will be what we make it. Our aim is to collectively create an experience in which all artists and members of the FilmNorth community thrive.