The Right Track program focuses on providing employment opportunities and professional skills training for youth in Saint Paul.

Each Summer, FilmNorth works with Saint Paul’s Right Track program to hire youth to create short short artist profile videos about the McKnight Media Artist Fellows. Watch the McKnight Media Artist Fellow videos created by Right Track youth here. The youth also gain experience with interviewing, e-mailing, time management and resume building as well as video production and various computer software and editing skills. Right Track workers at FilmNorth also meet with local visiting artists and participate in local college visits.

Video highlighting the Right Track program at FilmNorth. Video created by 2020 FilmNorth Right Track youth workers.


Meet our 2021 FilmNorth Right Track Youth!





Esther (she/her/hers) is a high school student who loves to be active. She enjoys playing guitar and running track. Esther is most excited to learn how to become better at video editing during her summer at FilmNorth.




Analigia (she/her/hers) is a senior in high school who enjoys biking, film and exploring her creative side. She enjoys drawing, playing clarinet, animation, and exploring a variety of different art forms. She is most excited to learn about how to trim video and insert clips from other sources to convey a message.






My name is Fabian and I’m going into my Junior year. I have a couple of hobbies, such as wrestling for school, socializing and participating in school activities. I’m interested in filmmaking because I’d like to learn more about B-roll, transitions, angles and editing.








Evelyn (she/her) is 19 and enjoys making playlists on Spotify and taking pictures of bugs. She is passionate about storytelling through visual mediums along playing and listening to music. She currently lives in St. Paul’s East Side and is learning how to drive in a ’86 LeBaron. 


Right Track testimonials:

“I am able to push myself more in film and I want to pursue it more. I am able to communicate my ideas and feel more comfortable doing so.”

“I learned more about colleges and making connections.”

“I have grown as an artist in the sense that I’ve learned more about workshopping / committing to my art, and that there are many avenues to develop and produce my work.”