FilmNorth Awarded $2 Million for New Media Arts Center Construction

We did it! The 2022 Minnesota legislative session closed with the passage of a Capital Investment bill, which awarded FilmNorth $2 million toward our new media arts center currently under construction at 2441 University Ave W in Saint Paul’s Creative Enterprise Zone.

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Indie Film Financing with Stu Pollard

Saturday, June 17, 9:00 am-3:45 pm at FilmNorth

Presented by filmmaker Stu Pollard (Rust CreekPlus OneBass Ackwards), who has raised more than $10 million in production funds over the course of his career, this workshop is ideal for filmmakers preparing to write independent film business plans targeting angel investors. Click here for more info and registration.

FilmNorth Stands in Solidarity with Striking Writers of the Writers Guild of America

For over 35 years FilmNorth has supported screenwriters, providing education and professional development services that help them learn their craft and build sustainable careers. FilmNorth has long championed the principle that artists be paid for their work—and paid fairly. This is how artists not only survive, but thrive. 

FilmNorth supports the Writers Guild of America as they seek equitable compensation and sustainable working conditions. 

There are many ways to show your support—from amplifying striking writers’ voices on social media to donating to a variety of support groups. One group is the Entertainment Community Fund.  The fund supports other Hollywood employees, like crew members and assistants, who are affected by the strike. To make a tax-deductible donation, just press ‘Donate’ on their website and choose “Film and Television” in the drop-down menu. 

You can find out why writers are striking and get links to all things strike-related here. The future of our industry is at stake! #WGAStrong

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