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IFP Holiday Meetup

December 8, 2016 @ 4:00 pm - 6:00 pm


In light of the holiday season, we thought it would be fun to hold the December Meetup at IFP, rather than Lake Monster! We’ll be serving FREE beer and light snacks. And you can also view our photo exhibit Relative, which showcases the amazing work of our photography instructors, in the Marsden/Gustafson Gallery if you haven’t already.

We’ll also have a special guest, fitness expert and movie stunt performer Ron Morris, who will demonstrate The Balance: a daily 15-minute ritual to help you alleviate any internal blocks that collect from habitual shallow breathing and other anxiety-riddled physical habits resulting from the stress of daily life. The very blocks that also diminish focus and creativity. Ron’s method is a hybrid blend of Zen breathing, meditation, and simple stretching that’s guaranteed to clear the mind and make you feel better.

So c’mon over to 550 Vandalia Street in St. Paul and head to suite 120 instead of the brewery. (Of course everyone is encouraged to transition to the brewery afterward!) The Meetup is free and open to the public.