Good Sport


A youth basketball coach has a horrible day on the job.

Pat is a divorced coach of his son’s 10-year-old basketball team.  Over the course of one Saturday game, he must grapple with his ex-wife and her new doctor fiance in the bleachers, a vindictive parent, and an over-the-top opposing coach.  As if the stressors inside of the gym aren’t enough, he must also contend with extortion at the hands of a local “businessman”.

Media coverage from the Star Tribune and Fox 9.

Director/Writer/Producer/Editor: Andrew Zuckerman
Writer/Producer: Dillon Orth
Producer: John Cronin


Sam Landman headshot“Pat” – Recently divorced coach of his son’s youth basketball team: the Knights.

Actor: Sam Landman (The Searcher, The Lumber Baron, Twin Cities)




Virginia Newcomb headshot“Sophie” – The only person in the gym who truly has Pat’s back.  Zack’s mom and Pat’s ex-wife.

Actor: Virginia Newcomb (The Death of Dick Long, The Beta Test, The Walking Dead)




Sari Lennick headshot“Mary” – A player’s mom who will do anything in her power to remove Pat as coach.

Actor: Sari Lennick (A Serious Man, Café Society, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Shameless)




Mike O'Gorman headshot“Tom” – An over-the-top coach for the opposing team: the Tigers.  Liam’s dad.

Actor: Mike O’Gorman (Ted Lasso, True Lies, Vice Principals, AP Bio, Perry Mason)




London Kim headshot“Jeff” – A dopey, well-meaning gynecologist who all the other parents like and Pat can’t stand.

Actor: London Kim (Barry, The Mandalorian, Pam & Tommy, Brooklyn Nine-Nine)




Elizabeth Guest headshot“Cindy” – A sex worker who does not intend to wait around for Pat to pay up.

Actor: Elizabeth Guest (9-1-1, AP Bio, Superstore)




Darius Jones headshot“Aaron” – The referee who would love to be anywhere else on his Saturday morning.

Actor: Darius Jones (Co-creator of OGLightskins comedy account w 500k followers on socials)




Benjamin Keepers headshot“Chester” – The angry owner of Cindy’s escort service.

Actor: Benjamin Keepers (Sword of Trust, True Lies, MacGyver)




Steve Campbell headshot“Mark” – Mary’s devoted husband.

Actor: Steve Campbell




“Zack” – Loves basketball but is frustrated that he is not as tall as the other kids yet.

Actor: Edward Hughes