Inside Senior Living shares the journeys of Seniors and their families dealing with aging and the struggle to remain independent, which often means making a move to senior living. Host and Senior Living Consultant, Melissa Fritz guides families and viewers through the process while managing the drama the often ensues.

The FIRST SHOW OF ITS KIND…Inside Senior Living tackles the subject no one wants to talk about, aging and the choices we face in the last season of life. Most often, people wait until there’s a crisis to learn about long-term care options.

The majority of those reaching out to Melissa for help are adult daughters, ages 35-55, who are juggling the care of their careers, families, and their aging parent(s). Many seniors fear a move and fight to remain in their own homes, even when they become limited by a chronic health condition, dementia diagnosis, or injury.

Melissa, a professional senior living consultant meets with seniors and their families to uncover their fears and wishes. Then, she takes them on a tour of different senior living communities – and invites senior industry experts to guide them through the emotional process. Feel the angst and grief that many seniors experience during the show, along with the relief and comfort of hearing their decision as they provide it in a “big reveal” and an “after the move-in” follow-up at the end of each episode.

Partnering with PBS North has been pivotal in the development of the series. Emmy-winning, PBS North will be providing production and distribution support.  On location production will begin in February/2024 with 8 episodes featuring Minnesota families and experts.  The anticipated release of the first season will be November/2024.

Experience firsthand how little the general public knows about senior living and how Melissa brings this whole conversation into mainstream culture.


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Melissa Fritz – Creator/Executive Producer/Host

Melissa’s passion for helping people and diverse background in strategic marketing, fundraising, advertising, publicity, and media consulting in addition to her experience as a senior living sales and 20+ years as a strategic marketing consultant, bring a unique and added value to the production. As a rising star in documentary filmmaking, Melissa’s an active member of Film North, Twin Cities Film Fest and Catalyst. 



Bill Cooper – Executive Producer/Director

Bill has been involved with the video, television, and film business for almost 40 years. He has a degree in Mass Communications from St. Cloud (MN) State University and studied acting at The Actors Studio in Minneapolis, and is the co-founder of The Twin Cities Film Festival. Bill’s acting credits include 25 short and feature films, 200 television commercials and hundreds of industrial, corporate, print, and voice-over projects. He began directing both short and feature length films in 2015. Bill provided production services and directed Inside Senior Living’s “sizzle reel”.


Nina Frederickson – Production Manager

Nina has a rich background in commercial media spanning 8 years where she wore many hats as a news videographer, director, and creative services commercial producer. Nina’s deep-rooted enthusiasm for public media led her to join the PBS North team, where she continues to be a driving force behind exceptional content. Besides Regional Emmy nominations, Nina’s received a prestigious NETA award for her work on “The Great MN Recipe Season 2.”



Steve Ash – Director of Photography/Editor

Steve is a five-time Regional Emmy Award-winning Photographer and Editor and has worked on several acclaimed regional PBS series including “Minnesota Historia: Tourist Traps” and “Northern Lights, Starry Skies”  He has made a career of telling stories of the NE Minnesota and NW Wisconsin region.