LifeUps are two-minute animated breaks from the grind, improving your life with mindfulness, gratitude, life hacks, and fun little easily-digestible informational tidbits. They will include soundbites and guidance from some of the top experts in health and wellness, such as: Matthew Sanford at MindBodySolutions; Specialists at the Mayo Clinic; Krista Tippet of OnBeing; Kathy Wurzer of End in MindLifeUps is a refuge in challenging times.

There is an increasing call for resilience and mindfulness, as reports are coming in that Americans are the unhappiest they have been in the past 50 years, with 85% of adults reporting that they are not very happy. We are also the busiest we have ever been, with seemingly no extra time for self-care. Existing apps, like Calm and Headspace, are already wildly successful in the mindfulness and well-being arena. The difference is that the audience must download and pay for access to longer meditations and stories. LifeUps will be offered with no payment nor effort required, streaming or online, in under 2 minutes, which likely leads to increased compliance.

This series of animated 2-minute shorts are geared towards adults, but content can be modified to suit specific audiences. High-quality, colorful 2D animation, supported by voiceover and original music. Appropriate for broadcast, educational, corporate environments, Employee Wellness programs, as well as distributed via social media platforms.

Catherine Campion headshotCatherine Campion, series creator:

Has 35 years in the industry; 25 years in SAG-AFTRA (served on the Board of Directors, and Women in Film & Television); 20 years leading yoga, incorporating natural health solutions; 15 years in voiceover (including education, health, meditation and mindfulness, as well as animation and gaming); 4 years as a voiceover coach at The VO Dojo, one of the top voice acting training grounds in Los Angeles;

Is Certified in Death Midwifery (Sacred Crossings), Hospice (Twilight Brigade/VA) and Health Aide (LA County); Adaptive Yoga (Mind Body Solutions), and has a 35-year yoga practice, now teaching yoga and meditation, with a focus on senior and adaptive modalities, for those living with disabilities

Brings in a high-level production team, and specialists with extensive education and experience in the physical and mental health area.

Has produced multiple award-winning live-action short films.