Following a tragic end, a married couple finds themselves in separate dimensions, each side linked by a mystical grand mirror passed down through generations. Faced with the choice of eternal separation or a risky venture to reunite, the couple grapples with the decision to defy the divide and potentially risk their afterlife for the chance to be together once more.


Monique’s childhood fascination with her grandmother’s mirror sparks the story. In the present day, her husband Darryl brings the mirror into their home, followed by a tragic accident that claims Darryl’s life. Monique’s journey through grief leads her to discover a supernatural connection with Darryl through the mirror, allowing them to communicate across dimensions. During the story we also follow Darryl and Monique’s best friends (Brandy and Johnny) as they are approaching their wedding day. There are a few differences and similarities between the dimensions and how those close to Darryl and Monique (Kevin- Monique’s father, Lee- Darryl’s cousin and Amber- Monique’s best friend) grieve their deaths. Monique and Darryl attempt to reunite, leading to a mysterious event. Ultimately, the movie ends with Monique and Darryl making a daring decision to overcome the mirror’s challenges and be together once more.


Davar McGee – Writer, Director & Producer

Davar McGee, a husband and father of four based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Starting as an actor in high school and college, he transitioned to screenwriting in 2013, marking the inception of his career as a storyteller behind the camera. In 2016, Davar made his directorial debut with the short film “What A Shame,” premiering in 2017 and laying the foundation for an impressive filmmaking career.

Building on this success, he directed the acclaimed short film “Suspect?” in 2017, earning accolades such as the Award of Merit in the Best Shorts Competition and Best Short Film at the Twin Cities Black Film Festival, sponsored by HBO. Beyond directing, Davar showcased versatility with the action film “Let Go” and excelled as a producer on projects like “The LightHouse” and “Cuff’d Up.”

Currently an Instructional Designer at UnitedHealthcare, Davar applies his creative and educational skills to craft engaging content. He established Big Var Productions, his production company specializing in film and vendor video work, creating training videos for clients like Party City and Build Wealth MN. Davar McGee’s commitment to cinematic excellence and his dedication to both family and filmmaking continue to inspire audiences and fellow creators alike.


Demitri McGee – Producer

Demitri “M33CH” McGee is the CEO and founder of ‘To M33CH His Own Productions’ & Support Local Artist Minnesota.

M33CH is an Executive Producer, actor, event host, and hip-hop recording artist. M33CH has executive produced for The LightHouse, Cuff’d Up, multiple comedy sketches, multiple artist/community events and musical albums. As an actor, he has performed in the 2020 feature film ‘This or That’, the award winning short film ‘Suspect?’, and ‘What a Shame’.

Professionally Demitri directs and coordinates non-profit community programs and holds multiple certifications in various areas of finances. He has been a financial counselor for over 100 families and financial consultant for various organizations such as the University of Minnesota.


Latwanna Williams – Producer

LaTwanna Williams is a multi-medium artist, producer and educator. She produces amazing works in theater, film/video, photography and live events. Her passion is to tell a story through the arts and create a space where other artists can authentically show up and tell theirs without the need to justify or apologize for it.

She curates and produces shows that have something to say! When she is not capturing an image or producing the next show, she enjoys time with her husband and their two children, yoga and a great cup of coffee.