The illustrious Great Sand Dunes National Park is probably the most obvious treasure in Colorado’s San Luis Valley. But take the entire 88-mile drive down the valley’s centerline on Highway 17, and this valley will reveal many Americana treasures and characters who are equally striking. From north to south, tattered homemade signs lead you from the religious mecca of Crestone, to Jay Young’s Gator Farm and Judy Messoline’s UFO Watchtower, and eventually to the valley’s most Southern gem: Cano’s Castle.



Jimmy Gildea is an independent filmmaker based out of Minneapolis, MN. He founded Ramble Pictures in 2014. Jimmy is a director, cinematographer, writer, editor and producer. He has worked on feature films and documentaries, such as: Gia Coppola’s Palo Alto, Chris Messina’s Alex of Venice, Eleanor Coppola’s Paris Can Wait, Matt Osterman’s Bitcon, Deirdre Fishel’s Women In Blue and Two Feet’s Trump’s America: A Hard Road. Jimmy produces commercials and advertisements for clients all over the world, and is most passionate about Ramble Pictures’ ongoing, original documentary works.  On any given day, you can find Jimmy walking the Mississippi River trails with his spouse and longtime collaborator, Elizabeth, and their two hound dogs.