The Eagle Obsession


The Eagle Obsession is a visually stunning feature-length documentary currently in production that tells the stories of a diverse group of people, the heroes who inspire them, and their shared feelings of nostalgia for a lost future and the hope for a better tomorrow.

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The Eagle Obsession follows writer/director Jeffrey Morris as he embarks on a journey to explore how a beloved fictional spacecraft from the British sci-fi series Space: 1999 inspired a sense of hope, rekindled dreams of a bright future, and continues to influence our vision of what lies ahead in an ever-changing world.

Morris takes viewers back to the unforgettable trailblazing era when people walked on Moon—both in real life and in science fiction—while also providing a glimpse into our exciting future in space.

Collage of photos of The Eagle Obsession filming and actors

To date, the production has filmed engaging interviews with high profile cast members in the United States, Canada, England, and Denmark, such as Space: 1999 stars Nick Tate and Barbara Bain, Apollo 16 Lunar Module Pilot Charles Duke, and Visual Effects Artist Brian Johnson. The project is set to include even more distinguished figures, including the renowned Star Trek actor William Shatner. In addition to recreating spectacular visual effects shots of the Eagle and key locations from Space: 1999, the producers have financed and supervised a 100%-accurate reconstruction of the legendary Eagle Cockpit at Pinewood Studios in London.

Collage of photos of The Eagle Obsession filming and actors

Please help support this project with your donation to FilmNorth (a 501(c)(3) non-profit). Donations will be utilized toward completing our production and post-production efforts. At present, The Eagle Obsession is targeted for a limited theatrical debut in 2025 in celebration of the 50th anniversary of Space: 1999, followed by an exclusive distribution via a top-tier streaming service.


The Eagle Obsession is being led by an experienced and talented production team.

Jeffrey Morris headshotJeffrey Morris – Writer/Director/Designer

Jeffrey is a writer, director, and production designer focused on hard science-fiction films. His works include the undersea thriller Oceanus and the upcoming deep-space adventure Persephone, co-authored as a novel with Kevin J. Anderson. He’s also involved in developing the animated feature Parallel Man with Tokyo-based Polygon Pictures.

Jeffrey has directed short films, commercials, and music videos, and has published graphic novels and award-winning science curricula. Passionate about sci-fi, he founded Project Universe, bringing Hollywood storytelling to educational initiatives with NASA and other organizations. His company, FutureDude Entertainment, established under the Morris FutureWorks LLC umbrella, creates intelligent, optimistic adventure stories, continuing Jeffrey’s mission to inspire through futurism and art.


Anne Marie Gillen headshotAnne Marie Gillen – Producer

Anne Marie is an independent producer whose projects have premiered at Cannes and the New York Film Festival, earning Oscar, Golden Globe, and Emmy nominations. She produced the animated sci-fi Parallel Man and the underwater thriller Oceanus with Jeffrey Morris. Her latest film, The Man in the White Van, features Sean Astin and Ali Larter and will soon be released theatrically by Relativity.

Previously, Anne Marie was COO of Morgan Freeman’s Revelations Entertainment, producing films like Along Came a Spider and Under Suspicion. She also served as CEO of Electric Shadow Productions, executive producing Fried Green Tomatoes.