Transitional Age Youth is a drama-comedy about a young black woman experiencing homelessness in the Twin Cities of Minnesota. She must decide between making a viral life changing TikTok or finding a place to stay for the night with her friends.



Meet the Crew: 

Alesha Alexcee – Writer, Director, Producer
Alesha Alexcee is a comedian, housing justice advocate, and a first time filmmaker newly relocated to the Twin Cities. Their background is in stand up, sketch, and improv. They bring their lived experience and their sense of humor to all the work they do. They are passionate about telling stories from marginalized groups, particularly bipoc, trans, and queer people. 





Alyssa Udovitsch – Director of Photography 
Alyssa is a Dallas-based artist who started her career as a film photographer.  She’s ventured into short films and music videos and is making the move to more long-form projects.  Currently she specializes in directing, cinematography, editing, and color and works at a post-production house as an assistant editor.






Mason Persons – Costume Designer 
I am a sewist, designer, model, storyteller, youth advocate and justice consultant. I am passionate about expressing myself freely and advocating for my peers to express themselves too. One of my favorite forms of resistance is following my passion, and my passion is to create! I’ve been an artist my whole life and have been sewing since I was a small child. I aim to connect to myself and the world around me through the combination of my love for the arts, passion for activism, and the magic of storytelling.




Sandra Houghton Soto – Creative Producer
I’m Sandra Houghton Soto, a passionate Peruvian Art Director with a love for creative expression in various forms of art, especially visual arts. Inspired by Alfonso Cuarón’s “Little Princess,” I discovered my passion for film at the age of 6 through Blockbuster marathons. Thrilled to contribute to this project on the side of this amazing crew and cast.