Getting help can be irreversible.


The Story:

Michelle, a successful true-crime podcast host, receives an unignorable tip: her sister has gone missing. She and her producer, Reilly, trace her sister’s last known location to The Haberman Wellness Center. Posing as a married couple, they delve into the center’s psychedelic, drug-fueled environment, dominated by the mysterious Don Haberman, his wife Julia, and their son Janus.

At the center, they meet Sophie and Pete, an unsuspecting couple, and together they navigate the surreal and dangerous world of the Habermans. Amidst the chaos, Michelle embarks on a journey of self-discovery, uncovering the truth about her sister’s disappearance and confronting her own dark secrets. In their desperate bid to escape, they realize someone else needs saving before they can find their way out.



Our Mission:

We believe that we can make a GREAT psychological thriller right here in Minnesota. The recipe for this film consists of very talented MN cast and crew, a story that won’t let you take a bathroom break, lavish locations, all suffocated in style. You will want to say, “I helped make this movie!” Be a very important part of the production team with Adam Burke and Jud Nichols. Two seasoned producers who have partnered up to bring this wild story to life. Shooting begins September 2024!


Meet the Producers:

Adam and Jud recently worked together on the short film “Wildcats” that won Best Comedy at Z-fest Film Festival. They’re both passionate about film making and vaguely concerned about the psychological impact of introducing you to Don Haberman!