Dear FilmNorth Friends and Family,

We at FilmNorth grieve with our entire Twin Cities community over the murder of George Floyd and join everyone who demands justice and accountability. 
As we see and hear on our televisions, phones and devices, media artists have stepped in to be key witnesses and interpreters of this unfolding situation—helping us to understand our world and communities, and make them better. We are supporting their important work, but can’t help but be concerned for their health and safety.  
The violence we continue to see unfold—damaging long-standing partners and community leaders like Gordon Parks High School, Springboard for the Arts, MIGIZI, and many others—is both profoundly sad and utterly baffling; these organizations lift up and celebrate community. 
We will find light in the darkness and continue to work toward making a Minnesota that is committed to equity, justice, peace, and kindness for everyone.
To our storytellers: continue to be witnesses to history and advocates for the truth. Stay safe.